University Dormitory Intelligent Power Management System

campus one card system &self-service payment


University Dormitory Intelligent Power Management System

Intelligent power management system includes power metering terminal, data collector and PC system software. The electricity metering device is a standard energy meter or a modular energy meter with an RS485 interface. The data collection device is responsible for collecting electric meter data. Each collection device can carry 128 electric meters. The data collection device has RS485, TCP / IP standard network interfaces. PC system software is used to collect data and statistical analysis of the data.

There are multiple modes of electricity metering terminals: standard energy meters with RS485 interface, with liquid crystal display, dual-circuit smart meters, and four-circuit smart meters. Standard electric energy meter with liquid crystal display module can display total power consumption, used power and remaining power, mainly used for distributed installation; modular meter is mainly used for large-scale centralized installation mode, abandoned the original centralized metering cabinet the shortcomings of complex internal structure, many failure points and difficult maintenance.

The meter comes with a CPU, which independently implements all power management functions. It is simple to install and easy to maintain. It is a new generation of student apartment power management equipment that replaces the original centralized control cabinet.

In addition to achieving its own management and control functions, the intelligent electric control system can also be seamlessly connected with the campus card system through the interface to realize self-service payment of students, real-time monitoring of the card center, to achieve unattended and safe and stable operation of the electronic control system. This program is mainly for the centralized collection and application of electricity metering in schools and enterprises. The RS485 communication mode is used inside the building, and the TCP / IP is used for the remote communication channel between the buildings.



System function

(1)User setup and equipment management

——Room settings (room number and location information such as the floor and building, number of occupants and corresponding identity information, tariff and special information)

——Meter terminal setting (correspondence between current meter number and room number setting, and user information)

——Data gateway settings (set gateway number and room and meter information under its jurisdiction, gateway location and naming, etc.)

(2)Electricity metering and charge management

——Use imported measurement chip (measurement accuracy (1.0 level), and output various power consumption parameters at the same time)

——Pre-paid electricity, no-charge shutdown (arrears of power outage reminder, overdraft limit can be set through the software)

——Automatic reminder in advance (mobile SMS, LED display reminder, campus WEB query)

——Charge records, bill printing (print deposit receipts when depositing)

——Settlement supervision report (account deposit and balance report, cashier deposit details)

——Self-service payment (to achieve seamless connection with the one-card system for self-service payment and purchase of electricity)

(3)Parameter Configuration and Load Management

——The software can perform various parameter settings such as power on / off control, load limit, etc. and deliver and save them to the meter terminal. Under off-grid operation, the meter can automatically perform various management functions set by the software

——Set the power-on and power-off time at any time

——The load limit power can be set arbitrarily, and it will automatically power off when the limit is exceeded

——Malicious load power can be set arbitrarily, prevent fire

——Recognize the illegal use of anti-restricted power sockets through technical means to eliminate potential safety hazards

——Automatic recovery function after power failure, the recovery time can be set at 0-255 minutes, 0 means no recovery

(4)Status monitoring and data management

——Equipment status monitoring (real-time monitoring of the online status and fault status of the meter, the online status and fault status of the gateway, etc.)

——Room status monitoring (real-time monitoring of room current, voltage, safe electricity usage, etc.)

——Status and records (real-time monitoring of switch status, instantaneous power, etc. for effective supervision)

——Remaining power and power consumption ( from the display and network WEB query)

——Free basic power setting (if it exceeds, the unit price will be charged)

——Fee refund management (students will be refunded and settled at the time of transfer or graduation, and a report will be automatically formed)

——Room exchange for data conversion (for example, for room exchange, data conversion through software settings)

——Statistical analysis of historical records (monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical analysis of electricity consumption, violations, etc.)

——Various tariff can be set (different unit charges are set according to the different identities of the room users)

(5)System Management and Data Security

——Shutdown control failure alarm (control computer monitor to display specific icons)

——Communication error diagnosis prompt (control computer monitor to display specific icons)

With anti-theft function

——real-time monitoring

——Based on B / S architecture (can be operated, managed, queried, etc. via the Internet)

——Seamless connection with the one-card system (realization of payment and payment, self-service power purchase)

——Data protection during system power failure (in case of power failure or computer failure, the meter and collector automatically save data to ensure that it will not be lost for 10 years)

——Remote data backup (compatible with different backup methods and methods to ensure data security)

——Operator, administrator password, authority classification (different identities have different authorities, different passwords, safe and confidential, and orderly management)

Meter characteristics

(1)Measurement of active and reactive energy.

(2)The main components adopt high-quality special components.

(3)LCD display with wide viewing angle and high contrast can display: remaining power, total power consumption, purchased power. it is convenient for students to check the power consumption

(4)With measurement functions of voltage, current, power, power factor and so on.

(5)The meter itself has a data storage function. When communicating with the management computer, it immediately uploads energy collection data; supports RS-485 communication protocol.

(6)With calendar and clock functions, within 8 hours, you can program 8 time periods to control the power off

(7)The electric meter can work independently and has the identification function of malicious load and provides a reliable guarantee for preventing potential safety hazards

(8)Adopt DIN Rail installation, small and easy to install .

Technical Parameters

Reference voltage 220V
Current specification 52010(40A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Accuracy level  Active Level 1
Power consumption Voltage line: <=1.5W, 10VA; current line: <2VA
Temperature range -25~60degree
Meter Constant(imp/kWh) 3200
Humidity range ≤85%

Electronic Energy Meter

Double loop


Four circuit


Wire Connection Modes


Software Interface