• IC card prepaid electricity sales system Instruction

    Part 1:General program 1.Background The logistics system is a huge management system. Management of electricity consumption in enterprises, dormitories and apartments is an important part of it. Stealing electricity, leaking electricity, and overloading electricity in enterprises, dormitories, a...
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  • The future prospects of prepaid electric energy meters

    With the rapid development of society, a product called prepaid energy meter has been derived, which not only effectively reduces the electricity bills of users in some regions, but also provides convenience for the power system and at the same time better protects the power safety .Then, what is...
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  • energy consumption monitoring “housekeeper”

    Now companies are trying various methods to optimize their energy consumption and reduce production costs. For example, traditional power management uses manual methods to copy and settle, which has problems such as poor consistency, low timeliness, and difficulty in management. How can real-time...
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