Factory Electricity Management

Suitable for electronics, automobile, steel, machinery, food, medicine etc.

The traditional manual method for measuring the energy consumption of various types of factories results in incomplete, inaccurate and incomplete energy consumption data, which makes it impossible to analyze and diagnose electricity consumption, resulting in inadequate management of electricity consumption and various equipment There is no effective means to control energy consumption, so there are various wastes of electricity. The factory production electricity monitoring system solution can wireless collect and transmit the electricity consumption data of various equipment in the factory in real time, which is convenient for managers to monitor and analyze the electricity consumption of the entire factory at any time, so as to strengthen the factory electricity consumption management,reduce power consumption and produce energy-saving benefits.



 Industrial production power management solution integrates intelligent gateways, intelligent measurement and control devices, intelligent data converters, power monitoring instruments and other industrial automation products. Among them, the multi-function power meter is responsible for collecting the power consumption parameters and power quality data of different energy-consuming equipment in each plant area, and transmitting all the energy consumption data in the plant to the smart energy management system through the communication management machine, so as to visually monitor the energy consumption data And analysis, help users discover energy-saving space, provide energy consumption data support for users to formulate energy-saving measures and programs, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the overall energy management efficiency and utilization rate of the plant area.

Energy efficiency of the energy management system to the factory

After introducing industrial energy management solutions, customers can realize the following benefits:

  7 * 24-hour real-time monitoring: The energy management platform supports a web browser, and users can realize the real-time monitoring of the operation status and energy consumption status of various equipment in the plant area through smart devices, and has a real-time alarm function to grasp abnormal power consumption.

  Energy visualization: customers can get a general understanding of the use of various departments and various energy consumption media through the energy kanban of the energy management system. Customers can learn about the equipment status in detail through a web browser, grasp energy information anytime and anywhere, and use energy consumption Abnormal analysis of equipment energy consumption, predict the possible failure of equipment, reduce equipment failure rate.

    Formulate a scientific energy-saving strategy: Equipment managers can solve problems such as error-prone and inaccurate data in human meter reading through a smart energy management system, analyze energy consumption data of various parts and equipment in a timely manner, and control key energy consumption and energy costs. Formulate energy strategies and improve energy management.

   Establish reasonable energy performance indicators: Through energy performance indicator monitoring and analysis, and then standardize energy usage behavior, data collection can be carried out according to workshops, departments, processes, teams, production lines or equipment, and KPI energy consumption assessment indicators can be formulated to achieve energy conservation goals.

    Master the cost of electricity and improve energy efficiency: the system's comprehensive energy management report can query historical data online, and has various energy statistics and analysis tools to identify loops with low power factor and implement power factor improvement measures; energy use Peak demand alarms, trend analysis, peak shaving and valley filling and shut-off load control to reduce the maximum energy demand and prevent excessive fines for electricity consumption.


Factory Electricity Management is suitable for electronics, automobile, steel, machinery, food, medicine etc.